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Company history

Joint Stock Company “ASTEL” (ASTEL) is telecommunications operator, providing high-tech communication services and systems integration services in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2014 - 3G mobile Internet network was launched on the basis of WiMAX technology, trademark FlyNet.

2013 – The project for monitoring of regional airtime was launched together with Comexp Company. The first contracts for the provision of technical support to local customers' networks in the entire Kazakhstan under a single contract were entered.

2012 - Development of Quick deployment mobile satellite communication complex for rapid deployment and its procurement to law enforcement agencies.

2011 - Company changed its development strategy. From specialization in the field of satellite communications the company headed for versatility, offering the service- integrator to market.  Partnership agreements were concluded with operators owning developed networks of fiber optic links. Conclusion of partnership agreement with Kazakhtelecom JSC on July 29, 2011 became the key milestone.
2010 – Obtainment of certificates of conformity for QMS: ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS 18001:2007 ST RK ISO 9001:2009.
2009 - The certificate of conformity for QMS ISO 9001:2008 had been obtained. ASTEL Company jointly with GILAT Company and TRANSTELECOM Company launched the project for provision of broadband access to the Internet and telephony for railway passengers. Development and introduction of new services: hourly videoconferencing services, high-speed data transmission on the basis of MPLS technology, services based on Next-Generation Network (NGN - NextGenerationNetwork).
2008 - The company entered the individuals’ market with a product like as universal card "ZVONDAY Card."
2006 – Enter into the listing “B” of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange. Obtainment of certificate of quality management system (ISO9001: 2000).
2005 - Launch of Control Center of VSAT - SkyEdge system. Obtaining a license to provide long-distance and international telephone services.
2004 - Launch of the first satellite broadcasting station in Taldykorgan. Transfer of the network part to usage of satellite communications NSS-6 resource.
2003 - Commissioning of the new trunk channel Astana-Moscow.

2001 - Commercial commissioning of own networks of FaraWay VSAT and DialAway IP satellite communication with central control station (HUB) in Almaty.

2000 - Connection to the Moscow site of traffic exchange M-IX.
1999 - Commencement of international telephone services.
1999 - Opening of the satellite channel to the Internet through node of traffic exchange “FrontierGlobalCenter” (USA). It was completed the construction of multi-service high-speed network KazNet ® covering 14 major cities of Kazakhstan.
1997 – Commencement of commercial operation of the satellite network KazNet ® VSAT. Starting data for provision of services using FrameRelay, TCP/IP protocols.

1997 - Registration of trademark ASTEL ®.

1996 - Provision of Internet access service had commenced. Registration of trademarks KazNet ® and KazMail ®.
1994 - Operation of the business email system KazMail ® had started.
1993 - Establishment of the company. The first node of packet switching network KazNet ® X25 had started to work in Almaty.